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Welcome to the annual Design & Architecture International Conference, bringing together some of the leading architects and designers from Israel and across the world!


We are in the midst of great changes, as the future unveils right in front of our eyes.

Each moment creative ideas become, and fall. Theories, innovations, materials, communities. Humanity, following a shake-down, is starting to construct a new future. Mark new goals and move towards them. Although we have not yet reached the end of the story, we are on our way…

This year, we shall examine with our varied guests, how the design and architecture world signals the future. Questions that keep creative minds busy are similar at every corner of the world. Today, we do not need to emphasize the fact that design is a global language.

Eilat’s Design & Architecture International Conference is actually the ‘grand finale’ of the most prestigious events of 2022. It will deal with a wide range of aspects from the worlds of design, while Israeli and international leaders will present their interpretation of life under conditions of uncertainty.

The design world in 2022 was busy with ‘Fluidity’ and ‘Escapism’, enabling the entrance of virtual and digital worlds. Concepts such as Metaverse, NFT, and Crypto slowly sink into the design worlds and will receive a spotlight at the event.

Characterizing 2022 is the bold, daring, moving, flamboyant and rhythmic design that does not compromise or sets limits. We therefore expect the most interesting part of the conference to be expressed in the reaction to the meeting points between the traditional and new – within living, working, entertainment, hosting, and leisure (restaurants, clubs) spaces.

The term ‘live the moment’ is no longer a luxury, as priorities have changed when it comes to work and leisure. As does existence. The conference will present creative perspectives, that can distinctly advance more thoughtful constructive environments including recycled materials (transformational material), or multi-purpose spaces design. All this without harming the human need for personal territory.

In addition, this year we will also investigate the way in which design can capture abstract ideas by virtue of being a visual world – a thrill… Considered an experience with the highest rating in the world of architecture and design, which will be presented at a conference in Eilat!!!

At the hotel, restaurant, or the store, the thrills are necessary to get us out of our domestic comfort zone (which too is also personally designed superbly). And, of course we cannot go without a sneak peak into 2023 trends, with experts speaking about it.

This entire abundance will also be presented in the panels and lectures, along with Master Class sessions, led by the extraordinary Israeli and international designers, over intimate forums of up to 30 people.

*Participation is subject to pre-registration, and on the spots-available

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